UL – EU certificate

September 30, 2022

By our days we have achieved that our European export activity significantly contributes to the company’s income. With not giving up the efforts to extend this achievement our aim in near future is to step out of European market.

But we had to take notice of that with the results in the documents coming from European fire protection regulations are generally not accepted by non-European countries’ fire protection authorities.

We decided to gain rather general documents issued for fire protection materials distribution.

Namely UL

With utilizing the results from the compulsory test procedures by European regulations European UL assessment body could issue UL-EU certificates for our two products, systems:

Polylack Elastic heat-absorbing material for fire protection penetration seal


PS-collar, PS-25 wrap to seal the plastic tube in penetrations.

If you would like to learn more, please, study these two of our products. You find the UL-EU certificates themselves. If we perceive that decision above can give us positive feedbacks we will go on this way with others of our products.

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