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From 1st July the new address of our office in Budapest : 1158 Budapest Késmárk u.13. HQ3 building. We are without change at plant and warehouse in Göd, products availability are unchangeable in both places.


Dunamenti Zrt. has been active for more than 40 years in the proffession of architectural fire


As a Hungarian company we want as to supply high quality products to European markets as to give excelent services to mainly local clients.


Hundreds of our applications can demonstrate the quality, accuracy, liability are equally extremely important for us.

Fire protection system

Passive fire protection solutions


How to protect lives and properties?


Hundreds of our projectsutions

why should you choose us ?

MERCOR DUNAMENTI Zrt. has been at the service of architectural fire safety from 1981.

During this period, our company has become one of the significant passive fire protection material producer and one of the most important companies providing fire safety services in Hungary and in Central and Eastern Europe. Our references where either our products were bought to apply or parallelly those were applied as well by us include several power plants, chemical plants, steelworks and ironworks, logistics centres, warehouses, hotels, theatres, office buildings, sports halls, shopping centres, etc. Tradition and innovation are the two value that helped us become a significant actor of the sector and in the market.

Hundreds of projects prove that we attach a particular importance to quality, precision and reliability.


We have been certified among the first companies for works in nuclear establishments, and we were the first in Hungary to certify our quality management system – ISO 9001 – in 1996.

In 2001 we introduced our integrated quality and environment management system – ISO 14001, which we completed in 2012 by adding the OHSAS requirements – ISO 18001.

Our three management systems are continuously certified.

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Our products

Structural protection

Paints, coatings, mortars, boards fire retardant paints for anti-corrosion solutions and complete fire protection of steel-, concrete-, and wooden structures.

Fire stopping materials

Intumescent system, endotherm( ablative) system, fire protection of airducts and cable trays, sealing of fire protection gaps, architectural gaps and moving gaps; coatings, putties, collars, wraps, bandages, pre-painted mineral-wool boards.

Other fire protection products

Intumescent strip, fire protection form work, Safey-bloc, fire protection board.

Natural heat- and smoke exhausting

Smoke exhaust vents, rooflights, heat- and smoke exhaust louvered vents, smoke curtains.

Fire ventilation heat- and smoke exhaust system

Fire dumpers, cut-off fire valves, fire protection fans.

Fire rated doors, windows

DFM fire rated doors, DFM rolling gates, fire protection curtains.

Fire curtains , partition gates

GSF KPR EI fire curtains, GS fire protection partition gates, partition walls.


See which projects we have been involved in as contractors or have used our passive fire protection products.


Since fire protection is a special field of construction industry it is recommended to learn the possible application fields of products in this professional area. To be aware in which product/sytem is right for which function.

Although the application itself does not need very special skills it can be also useful to catch some practical knacks.

Because above we provide both theoretical and practical training to our customers approximately in 2 days. And we issue a “Certificate” on this skill.

Even in some countries it is mandatory to be trained in the knowledge of this kind of products and the application of those in general. And parallelly particularly on the products which are bought by the applicator. And to possess a document covering this skill.


Our products certified by

Our company certified as

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2018

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András Mihályi

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We are present in the following countries:

Poland – Gdansk, Varsawa; Czech Republic – Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Mladá Boleslav; Slovakia – Bratislava, Kolarovo (near Komárom/Komárno), Kosice; Germany – Frielendorf; Austria – Vienna, Lohnsburg; Switzerland – Pfäffikon; Hungary – Göd, Budapest, Paks; Spain – Madrid, Barcelona; Ukraine – Lviv; Romania – Bucharest, Brasov, Timisoara, Oradea; Bulgaria – Sofia, Ruse; Slovenia – Maribor, Ljubljana; Croatia – Zagreb, Koprivnica; Serbia – Belgrade, Obrenovac, Gornji Milanovac